Vocational Education & Training (VET) & Workplace Learning (WPL)



Vocational Education and Training provides students with skills and knowledge to perform effectively in the workplace.  A VET qualification prepares students for, or in some instances qualifies students to do, a specific job. VET can contribute directly to student career goals no matter what their destination is. It all counts in some way at different points in their career.

  •  VET offers many pathways towards student career and vocation aspirations
  •  VET is nationally recognised which means students can take it anywhere in Australia
  •  VET contributes significantly towards student WACE.


Training pathways

A VET qualification provides you with essential skills which are transferable across multiple employment and education pathways.

Katanning SHS offers the following VET Pathways in a partnership arrangement with the RTO’s listed, where training and assessment is conducted by the teachers on behalf of the RTO.

BSB20115 – Certificate II in Business [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]

MEM20413 – Certificate II in Engineering Pathways [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]

SIS20115 – Certificate I & II in Sport and Recreation [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]

CUA20715 – Certificate I & II in Visual Arts (Photo Imaging) [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]

AUR20716 – Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation [To be advised]

AHC21016 – Certificate II in Hospitality [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]

CHC22015 – Certificate II in Community Services (Child Care) [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]

AHC21016 – Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management [South Regional TAFE (RTO code 52790)]



Workplace Learning is an Endorsed Program, offered to Year 11 and 12 students at Katanning Senior High School. Students who apply to participate in Workplace Learning undergo an interview and selection process, where they are assessed for career pathway planning and core ‘work readiness’. In order for our students to become successful and confident in their future, the program is designed to provide an opportunity to explore career pathways and build on-going skills and confidence in the workforce.

Workplace Learning provides students with:

  • Opportunity to experience and acquire industry skills
  • Opportunity to experience and understand what it means to work as an employee and to enhance their work ethic
  • Improving the student’s employability and work readiness
  • Opportunity to experience and develop their Vocational Education and Training (nationally recognised certificate level training) in a real workplace


Role of the Student

Students that have met selection requirements are then able to be placed either with a business of their choice or other suitable employer for Workplace Learning. This gives students one day per week where they attend a ‘real work’ experience, making contacts and gaining skills for future employment. The placements are generally for the school year, although students may elect to change employer for Semester Two.

The placement is to be treated as employment, and students are required to attend their workplace each allocated day and complete a Log Book of hours. Students are able to use WPL as an opportunity to decide if a given career pathway is really for them, or as a stepping stone into a School Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship or full time employment post completion of Year 12.

Completion of the program gives students a maximum of two unit equivalencies each year, which is included in WACE results.

The Workplace Learning program at Katanning Senior High School is a perfect opportunity for students to engage in the world of employment prior to completing school. The generosity of local businesses is key to the success of our program, and we currently have on average over 50 active employers in any year. Employers are invited to attend an annual Thank You event, held in December. If you are a local business owner interested in becoming a part of the program, please contact the Workplace Learning Coordinator.