Student Services

Student Services Team

The Student Services team provides support for the many issues, positive and challenging, large and small, that students deal with from time to time. The Student Service Centre has been set up to provide assistance for students who may be experiencing academic, vocational, social, emotional or health concerns.

The ultimate goal of the Student Services team is to help students reach their full potential and assist students in planning for the future focusing on further education, careers and competence in adult life. The key areas of work are assisting students to make appropriate subject choices, supporting students with emotional or behavioural difficulties, and organise events to enable students to be fully involved in school life. The team provides a service to meet the needs of the whole child so that their experience at school is happy, healthy and conducive to learning.

The Katanning Senior High School Student Services team is made up of:

Middle School Program Coordinator

Senior School Program Coordinator

Provisionally Registered School Psychologist

School Nurse

School Chaplain

Follow the Dream: Partnerships in Success Program Coordinator

Deadly Sista Girlz Coordinator and Trainee

Clontarf Academy Director and Manager of Operations


School Chaplain Services

This service is funded by the school in conjunction with Federal Government funding and funds raised through the tireless efforts of local Community and Church fundraising through the YouthCARE council.

Chaplains are qualified in pastoral care and youth work. They respect all people, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what their personal belief system is. If asked to do so, Chaplains will discuss spiritual matters with a person, in a way that best serves that person. Our Chaplain is a part of the professional student services team and offer support by:

  • Providing pastoral care for staff, students and families.
  • Linking the school with local community, support agencies and organisations.
  • Playing an active role assisting and supporting school events.
  • Facilitating pastoral support programs and resources.
  • Supporting, mentoring, encouraging and empowering the school community.


Interaction with the Chaplain is voluntary and students may opt out of any Chaplaincy-facilitated assistance at any stage.


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