Student Services

Student services is integral to a positive school experience for our students. Our team is dedicated to assisting students to reach their full potential by supporting their social, emotional, mental, physical and educational wellbeing.

The student services team builds positive relationships between students, staff and families, to help students achieve better academically, socially and emotionally.

Student services is primarily focused on student welfare, but spend a fair amount of time working with staff and families as well. Our team meet regularly to plan for and review our activities, as well as to case manage the various individuals we are supporting.

The team consists of:

  • deputy principal;
  • year 7 and 12 coordinators;
  • wellbeing program coordinator;
  • student support officer;
  • student services teacher;
  • Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs);
  • school psychologist;
  • YouthCARE chaplain; and
  • school community health nurse.


The core business of student services includes:

  • student attendance, engagement and participation in school activities;
  • student behaviour support;
  • good standing support; and
  • student wellbeing and pastoral care practices (personal, social and academic needs of students).


Parents and carers are welcome and encouraged to make contact with a member of the student services team to discuss any of these matters. Students, parents and carers are requested to speak directly to the classroom teacher when there are issues within a classroom.

Please refer to the School Information Handbook for more information.


School Chaplain Services

This service is funded by the school in conjunction with Federal Government funding and funds raised through the tireless efforts of local Community and Church fundraising through the YouthCARE council.

Chaplains are qualified in pastoral care and youth work. They respect all people, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what their personal belief system is. If asked to do so, Chaplains will discuss spiritual matters with a person, in a way that best serves that person. Our Chaplain is a part of the professional student services team and offer support by:

  • Providing pastoral care for staff, students and families.
  • Linking the school with local community, support agencies and organisations.
  • Playing an active role assisting and supporting school events.
  • Facilitating pastoral support programs and resources.
  • Supporting, mentoring, encouraging and empowering the school community.


Interaction with the Chaplain is voluntary and students may opt out of any Chaplaincy-facilitated assistance at any stage.