The Science Department at Katanning Senior High School aims to provide an environment where students can explore, investigate and better understand the world around them.

In Years 7 to 10, students will follow the Australian Curriculum and cover all aspects of Science through topics Biological, Chemical, Earth & Space and Physical Sciences. Hands on activities and experiments will be used to spike students interest in all aspects of Science and their understandings will be monitored through the use of a number of assessments such as tests, assignments, investigations and experiment reports.

In Year 7 topics covered include; the animal & plant kingdoms, chemical and physical change and the separating of mixtures, renewable and non-renewable resources and forces and simple machines.

Year 8 topics covered include; animal and plant cells, states of matter and the elements, the rock cycle and energy types and changes.

Year 9 topics covered include; human body systems, atomic structure and chemical equations, plate tectonics and electricity and light.

In year 10 topics covered include; genetics and natural selection, chemical reactions and reaction rate, the creation of the solar system, energy transformations and the laws of motion.

High achieving students can look forward to studying a number of ATAR pathway Science subjects in Years 11 and 12. Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Physics are offered in and provide those students with an aptitude for Science a subject where they can expand their understandings in their chosen subject.