Staff – Term 3 2018


Acting Principal – Mrs Carolyn Cook
Associate Principal – Mrs Sharon Poett
Deputy Principal – Mr Trevor Carruthers
Manager Corporate Services – Mr Patrick Kennedy


Middle School Program Co-Ordinator – Mr Jadon Gielingh
Senior School Program Co-Ordinator – Mr Frank Gaudin
Head of Learning Area (Mathematics & Science) – Mrs Julie Brown
Head of Learning Area (English & Humanities and Social Sciences) – Ms Jo Moffat


Careers / SWL / VET

Mr Frank Gaudin

Ms Alicia Turner (SWL Support Officer)


Design & Technology

Mr Glenn Adams – Teacher In Charge

Mr Terence Gosling


Middle School Engagement Program (MSEP)

Ms Tia Craen

Ms Andrea Fewster



Ms Jo Moffat – Head of Learning Area

Mrs Carmen Anderson

Mrs Tammi Bouffler

Ms Kate Hughes

Mrs Habibah Mohd Sarip

Ms Katy Steed


Follow The Dream

Mrs Caitlyn Fitzgerald


Health & Physical Education

Mr Graham Treloar – Teacher In Charge

Ms Hannah Cully

Mr David Gardiner

Miss Carla Vidovich


Home Economics

Mrs Sushila Malik – Teacher in Charge

Mrs Bianca Downham

Ms Jo Moffat

Mrs Terrie Hiddlestone


Humanties & Social Sciences (HASS)

Mr Robin Dark

Ms Suzanne Gray

Ms Kate Hughes


Inclusive Learning – Ed Support Unit

Mr Lloyd Kan


Education Assistants

Mrs Barb Anderson

Ms Intan Butler

Mrs Sue Cane

Mrs Rita Mills

Mrs Angelina Rose

Mrs Terri Whiteaker



Mr Hassanain Al Kaaby

Mrs Melissa Patterson

Mr Stefan Varughese



Mrs Julie Brown

Miss Sarah Watson

Mrs Rachel Whitehouse

Ms Ansara Noori (Lab Assistant)


Visual Arts / Photography

Ms Melanie Le Guin

Ms Andrea Fewster

Mrs Corena Witham



Chaplain – Leanne Gibson


Nurse – Ms Sharon Muir


Provisionally Registered Psychologist – Ms Lana Hayes


IT/Network Administrator

Mr Regan Pontillo


Administration Staff

Miss Emily Bessell

Mrs Renae Garrity

Mrs Sarah Smithies

Business Support Officers

Mrs Tania Conning

Mrs Caroline Bouffler


Library Officer

Mrs Wendy Allen



Mr Boyd Woods

Mrs Sonya Woods

Mrs Marrisa Willey


Clontarf Academy

Mr Matt Rea (Director Katanning)

Mr Willy Roe


Deadly Sista Girlz

Ms Lisa Eades

Miss Tegan Collard


Canteen Mrs Paula Baker



Ms Charnell Neville – Cleaner in Charge

Margaret Hunter, Carolynn Ratcliffe, Alannah Watson, Joseph Watson


Gardeners/Handy Persons

Mr Syd Hiddlestone

Mr Tyron Durack