Uniform items are available from – Sportspower, Clive Street, Katanning


School Dress Code

Katanning Senior High School, through it’s School Board, Student Leadership and P&C Association, has chosen to have a designated School Uniform for the following reasons;

School Uniform

  • Enhances a sense of belonging, equality and community spirit
  • Promotes a positive image of the school by ensuring a minimum standard of presentation of all students
  • Provides a unified school look on excursions
  • Assists the school to identify non KSHS students on site
  • Separates school from leisure time, focusing students’ efforts on learning
  • Prepares students for the expectations of post school employment


Our dress code has been developed with input from parents/guardians, students and staff and is a symbol of pride for our school community.  With the cooperation of parents and students we can have the student body looking good and that does much to enhance the school’s standing in the community as well as fostering a strong school spirit. The school will take all reasonable steps to ensure adherence to this policy.

The school would appreciate parental/guardian encouragement of our dress code and asks that parents/guardians closely supervise their student’s standard of appearance.  We would like students to be proud of their school and to identify with it by wearing school clothing.



Middle School students – KSHS blue polo shirt / blue trackpants, blue shorts, blue skirt / KSHS track jacket

Senior School students – KSHS red polo shirt / blue trackpants, blue shorts, blue skirt / KSHS track jacket

All students

Navy trousers, navy track pants, navy shorts or navy skirt.

KSHS Jacket – microfiber outer/cotton lined and embossed with school logo.

KSHS Jacket – navy polar fleece embossed with school logo.

White, navy and red undershirt is permitted to be worn ‘under’ school polo shirts.

Follow the Dream shirts are acceptable dress code for Follow the Dream students.

Clontarf Academy uniform is acceptable dress code for Clontarf students who are participating in the Clontarf program.



  • Any logo, slogan or advertising is not acceptable as part of the Dress Code. This includes all items of clothing (eg; pants, sweaters, hats, bags, etc) with brand names and/or brand signature stripes.
  • Any item of clothing that promotes or advertises alcohol, drugs or inappropriate material is strictly prohibited.
  • Leggings, jeggings, tights are not permitted.
  • Denim or denim style fabrics are not permitted.
  • Hoodies are not permitted.
  • Excessive jewellery is inappropriate and may be dangerous.
  • Certain items of highly inappropriate non-uniform clothing may be required to be changed before a student can attend classes, at the school’s discretion.


Students must wear covered footwear at school. For Occupational Safety and Health reasons, thongs, sandals and ugg-boots are strictly prohibited.


Hoodies (Tops with hoods) – Hoodies are not allowed to be worn at school.  Students who wear one must hand it in at the Front Office and may choose to borrow a school jumper, if one is available.  After school they can pick up their hoodie as they leave.  There are no consequences for students who remove their hoodie as required.  Unlike some other items of non-dress code attire, a note from a parent/guardian will not allow a student to wear a hoodie at school.



Occupational Safety and Health concerns prohibit the wearing of certain piercings by students at school. Students are limited to wearing earrings such as sleepers or studs that are not sharp or large enough to get caught. They may also have a small nose stud piercing. Other facial piercings are not allowed, such as eyebrow or lip piercings. There are no consequences if students follow directions to remove piercings when requested and replace with a plastic retainer or labret. Some school activities may require that all piercings are removed for the duration of the lesson.


Please Note: 

All students will be required to change prior to and after physical education periods.

Home Economic students must wear covered shoes in accordance with Safety Council Regulations.

Art and Craft students should wear closed in shoes and protective over-shirt to Art and Craft classes.

Woodwork, Metalwork, Industrial Arts students regulations require the wearing of hard covered shoes.  Safety glasses are necessary in these classes.