Transition – Year 6 to Year 7


Moving from primary school to secondary school is a significant event in every child’s education journey.

Most students move to their new schools and thrive on the challenges of the new environment and varied experiences that secondary schools offer.

They find it both exciting and scary to be going from being the oldest group in the school to the youngest; to be moving from a familiar environment to a larger and unfamiliar environment; and from being well known by many teachers to being relatively unknown.

To ensure the transition to secondary school is a positive experience for all students, Katanning Senior High School works together with our feeder primary schools offering a range of activities to make the move as smooth as possible.

The Transition Program includes an Enrichment Program, school visits by KSHS staff to the primary schools, primary school classes visiting KSHS on designated Transition days and the Orientation day in Term 4 for all incoming Year 7 students.

Recognising that transition to secondary school is also an important time for parents, KSHS welcomes parents to an Information session and Morning Tea on Orientation Day in Term 4.

Whilst the incoming Year 7 students are involved in a full day of instruction with High School teachers the parents are introduced to Student Services staff and given a tour of the school before a morning tea where they have the opportunity to meet teaching staff from the various Learning Areas.