School Bus Service

The bus service is an external service provided by School Bus Services.

To apply for Student Transport Assistance contact School Bus Services for all enquiries;

(08) 9326 2625

There are eleven buses which bring students to and from Katanning Senior High School. Each bus has a copy of bus rules which the students must follow.

If you are already registered with School Bus Services and need to modify your details, you can do so via The online ‘Change of Details’ form is used to modify the following information:

  • Contact telephone number(s) or email address
  • Alternative/emergency contact details
  • Bank account details


You are required to complete a new Application for Transport Assistance if you are changing details relating to:

  • Residential Address
  • School (including when your child is moving from Primary to High School)
  • Custodial issues/shared custody arrangements
  • Medical conditions


School Bus Services will assess the application to determine if the change in circumstances has altered your entitlement, and what affect this may have on your travel assistance.