The Mathematics Department at Katanning Senior High School seeks to explore the Western Australian Curriculum in a meaningful way so that the students develop an understanding of mathematics in a real world context. Students are encouraged to expand their basic numeracy skills and increase their ability to solve problems, justifying their responses with mathematical proof. To achieve these goals, we utilise modern technology and devices to increase your child’s ability to function in an advancing world. We encourage regular practice of core skills as well as a weekly homework program that aims to reinforce students’ learning. The online program of Mathletics is used as a tool to provide extra feedback and assistance to students across a variety of ability levels. Students are assessed against the Judging Standards set by the School Curriculum & Standards Authority, in line with the Western Australian Curriculum.

Through Years 7 to 10, student’s education in mathematics shifts towards the understanding of more abstract concepts. Students are encouraged to recognise the patterns found in mathematics and expand on their prior learning in familiar and unfamiliar contexts. As students progress, they will be increasingly exposed to mathematics in real world contexts and will be expected to make connections between class concepts and applications in society. Students will be expected to represent numbers in a variety of ways, exploring algebraic concepts, geometrical reasoning, applications of measurement, interpretation of data and the understanding of probability situations.

The Western Australian Curriculum seeks to develop students’ ability to understand concepts at a deeper level and to see the connections between various mathematical disciplines. In promoting this at Katanning Senior High School we seek to provide a solid platform of numeracy knowledge on which your child can build confidence and skill in exploring more advanced mathematical situations. We encourage students to achieve to the best of their abilities by establishing consistent routines and clear assessments that demonstrate ability against the standards set by the Department of Education.

Feel free to contact the friendly staff at the Katanning Senior High School Mathematics Department to see what we can do to secure the best education possible for your students.