Health & Physical Education

The KSHS HPE Department provides a multi-faceted learning program that allows students to learn how to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation in varied and changing contexts. We offer Health and Physical Education, Personal Fitness, Recreational Sport, Physical Education Studies and Certificate Courses in Sport & Recreation.


In Years 7 to 10 the General Health and Physical Education Program is conducted over 4 periods a week (1 Health lesson and 3 Physical Education lessons), following the School Curriculum and Standards Authority developed curriculum.

The 7 to 10 Health and Physical Education Program includes: Physical Education: Invasion/Evasion Games; Net/Wall Games; Striking/Fielding Games: Target Recreation Games Health Education: Being Healthy, Safe and Active; Communicating and Interacting for Health and Well Being; Contributing to Healthy and Active Communities.

Personal Fitness is an optional subject offered in Years 9 and 10 conducted over two periods a week for a duration of one semester. This curriculum is designed as a ‘taster’ giving students the opportunity to sample a multitude of personal fitness programs in structured 3 week blocks. Some of the activities offered within the course include Yoga, Tai Chi, Boot Camp Fitness, Aerobic Classes and Weights Training.

Recreational Sport is an optional subject offered in Years 9 and 10 conducted over two periods a week for a duration of one semester. This program is aimed at improving students’ interpersonal skills by immersing them in recreational and competitive sporting contexts. The course follows the sports covered in Physical Education, however bases itself in gameplay utilising the ‘SEPEP’ model in which students run a competitive season of sport.

The Certificate I & II Sport and Recreation is a Senior School Program which is conducted over 4 periods a week. The course is nationally recognised and immerses students in practical learning opportunities that cover occupational health and safety, first aid, coaching, officiating and maintaining fitness facilities. This program is delivered in partnership with South Regional TAFE and culminates in a tour of sport and recreational facilities in Albany.

The Physical Education Studies General course provides students with opportunities to understand and improve performance through the integration of theoretical concepts and practical activities. Students engage in a range of sporting contexts for extended periods of time, with a focus on mastery of fine technical elements and understanding of complex strategies and tactics. Students engage in sport science based content including Biomechanics, Sport Psychology, and Exercise Physiology.

LEAD (Leadership, Excellence, Athleticism, Dedication) is an extension program within the Health and Physical Education learning area to promote the development of the school’s aspiring athletes. Through the streaming of HPE classes in Year 9 and 10, we have created an environment that promotes leadership, excellence, athleticism and dedication, the four cornerstones of the program. Students within the program engage in Physical Education, Health Education, Strength and Conditioning and Physical Education Studies Theory. LEAD students engage in sporting activities within the community on a regular basis. These include but are not limited to, squash, tennis, golf, water polo and pool.