Additional Programs

Achieving Curriculum Excellence (ACE) Program

Students are invited to participate in the program. This program is about academic rigour; it will be challenging for students at times. This program is about developing in students the knowledge, understandings and work ethic to support successful completion of ATAR courses in senior school.



LEAD is an extension program within the Health and Physical Education learning area to promote the development of the school’s aspiring athletes. Through the streaming of HPE classes in Year 9 and 10, we have created an environment that promotes leadership, excellence, athleticism and dedication, the four cornerstones of the program. Students within the program engage in Physical Education, Health Education, Strength and Conditioning and Physical Education Studies Theory. LEAD students engage in sporting activities within the community on a regular basis. These include but are not limited to, squash, tennis, golf, water polo and pool.



The STaR program is an intervention educational approach designed to support literacy and numeracy development, build resiliency and develop life skills of students identified as being at risk.



The Katanning 11/28 Cadet Unit meets once a week at the Army Unit in Beaufort Street. Cadets is an excellent way to gain leadership, confidence and commitment while parading, patrolling and adventure training. Cadets have the opportunity to attend camps, ANZAC Day ceremonies and a seven day camp during the year.



Katanning Senior High School supports the Bush Ranger program. This program provides the opportunity to develop life skills in WA youth aged 13 to 17 years while undertaking environmental work.

Bush Ranger Cadets meet weekly and conduct activities both within school and out and about in the great outdoors, including camps.