December 7, 2017

IMPORTANT – Change affecting ALL STUDENT Office 365 (webmail) email accounts

* If students would like to keep any emails or attachments from their portal webmail, please forward, download or back them up before Wednesday 13 December. You can save information to an alternate personal email account or backup on to a usb stick. If visiting the school to attend to this matter, please sign in at front reception.


Advice received from the Department of Education

Changes to student email accounts are planned over the summer holiday period.  All student accounts have to be moved to take full advantage of the extensive collaboration features of Office 365. Unfortunately this requires accounts to be terminated in one place before they can be recreated in the new environment so that students can retain the same email addresses and login details.

This change will result in the loss of all stored data in current student online accounts including files, emails, attachments and contacts.  Existing accounts will not be accessible over the summer holidays, starting from 14 December 2017.  Please advise your students to back up any data they wish to keep, including contacts, emails and files from their Department student accounts before that date.

The new student email accounts will be available for student use at the start of the 2018 school year, with the existing account names, email addresses and passwords.