Senior School Engagement Program (SSEP)

In 2016 the Year 11 and 12 students studying Foundation English and Maths are working with Miss Tyler in the Access demountable. Miss Tyler began working in this department mid-2015 when Mrs Rundle took leave and has continued in the role for this year.

The Year 11 students have numerous tasks and assignments to do throughout the year building on their English literacy and Math skills. These assessments are all school based although they will sit the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments (OLNA) in second semester. As the students have access to work independently, with their peers in a collaborative environment and one to one with their teacher, all the students have the opportunity to do well in these tests.

The Year 12 students are also working on assessment programs in Maths and English that have been developed according to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). These students have two opportunities to complete the OLNA tests in first and second semester this year but, like the ATAR students, are also required to complete an external assessment set by SCSA in second term. All students studying a Foundation, or General course of study, are required to complete this external testing.

Many of the students are eager to enter the work force and leave school. So, I like to say to them that they should consider attending school as their “job”. Just like anyone who has a career they come to school to do work; they have start and finish times and deadlines to meet. Their payment for the work they do is their grade. If they don’t come to school and don’t keep up with their work (hand in assignments) they will not be “paid” well.

Heidi Tyler