Home Economics

The Home Economics staff is passionate about their subject area.  They recognise the valuable role it can have in promoting the wellbeing of students both now and in the future.  The key focus is on practical and production work to enhance students’ skills in today’s society.


Years 7 and 8

From Year 7, students have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in areas such as food and nutrition and textiles through the study of Life Skills.  This will provide them with valuable skills that will become ever more important as they reach adulthood.

Years 9 and 10


Students can choose to study Cooking where they are encouraged to build a sound knowledge of the skills required to work with food.  The activities in class assist students to formulate valuable life skills in food preparation as well as understanding nutrition.  These skills empower students to take control of their food choices and therefore their health and well being.  Students will cover a range of topics throughout the two years of learning.

Home Economics

This course is available to Year 9 and 10 students as an option that includes sewing and cooking aspects.  They develop the skills required to use a sewing machine, over locker and equipment required for cutting and pattern making.  They also gain the knowledge of different techniques used in the construction of articles and garments.

The cooking activities in class assist students to formulate valuable life skills in food preparation as well as understanding nutrition.

This is a stepping stone into a career of hospitality, fashion or child care.

Years 11 and 12

Children, Family and the Community 

The general level of this course is offered to students.  Satisfactory completion of this course contributes to graduation requirements but does not contribute to a tertiary entrance score.  The content of this course focuses on four main areas;

  • Exploring Human Development
  • Applying the Technology Process to meet Human Needs
  • Self Management and Interpersonal skills
  • Society and Support Systems

Food Science and Technology

This general course is offered to students and contributes only to graduation requirements.  The contents focus on four main areas;

  • Understanding food
  • Developing food opportunities
  • Working in food environments
  • Understanding food in society

This course provides students with opportunities to develop their food related interests and understanding through the design and production of food related products, services and systems.

Year 9 Cooking Class

March 27, 2015

The Year 9 Cooking class made this dish as a healthy snack  Fritters in the picture below were made by...

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