In the English learning area, programs are designed by staff to address the learning needs of their students and the Australian Curriculum criteria. Year 7 is taught through a Homeroom program which incorporates English, HASS, Health and IT, and Years 8-10 have common programs and assessment tasks that are used for moderation to ensure consistency. While the programs and some assessments are common, teachers have flexibility to choose the length and focus of tasks in order to best cater to the strengths of their students. The outcomes reported on are reading, viewing, writing, speaking and listening.

Senior school English is designed to cater for students aspiring to continue further study, and also those who have chosen to join the workforce. This is done by organising the English courses into distinct pathways using the new Senior School Courses including ATAR, General and Foundation. Fundamental to all courses is the development of English language competence while exploring other key aspects relevant to students’ own context.

At Katanning Senior High School students are supported to develop their critical understanding and control of the English language. They are assessed formally and informally on their written work, oral presentation and communication skills, creative writing and the reading and analysis of a variety of texts.