Education Support Unit – Inclusive Learning

The Education Support Unit-Inclusive Learning at Katanning Senior High School is a small centre doing big things. We enrol students residing in Katanning and surrounding areas and specialise in the delivery of educational programs designed to improve outcomes for students with a diagnosed intellectual/physical disability.

Dignity and Respect underpins the operations at the Education Support Unit. Our community has the right and responsibility to uphold these principles. Our core values are reflected in our school rules and staff code of conduct. We believe that every student has the capacity to learn and our programmes reflect the best evidence based practice and the most individualised approach to student learning.

Our students are aged between Year 7 to Year 12; the centre supports students in the mainstream of the school and a small number in the centre itself. The individual needs of the students are a priority when placing students in mainstream classrooms and we strive for the most individual approach to student learning. To help us achieve our purpose an Individual Education Program (IEP) is developed for each student. An IEP is a working document that identifies the student’s academic, physical, social and emotional needs. It is a realistic plan a component for the successful education of a student with special needs. There are many steps to designing a program and we value parents as partners in investigating these steps in our attempt at achieving an ideal program for their child.

The students associated with the centre will, develop communication skills, develop an appropriate level of social behaviour and experience a wide variety of vocational, recreational and leisure activities. They also develop an awareness of personal dignity in a positive, comfortable and safe environment.



Inclusive Learning Feb 2015

March 27, 2015

Owen celebrated his thirteenth birthday last week.  He enjoyed making birthday cupcakes and chose the red patty pans.  Owen was...

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