Career and Enterprise

The Career and Enterprise general course engages students in learning about developing their career in a constantly changing digital and globalised world. Careers are now considered to be about work, learning and life. Individuals need to be proactive, enterprising career managers who engage in lifelong learning.

The Career and Enterprise course aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to be enterprising and to proactively manage their own careers.

The course reflects the importance of career development knowledge, understanding and skills in securing, creating and sustaining work. The course recognises that work both reflects and shapes the culture and values of our society.

Workplaces have different structures which impact on their practices and processes and how they operate. Each workplace is unique and its organisation governs workplace settings and patters of work.

The course is designed to facilitate achievement of the following outcomes:

  1. Career & enterprise concepts
  2. Career & enterprise investigations
  3. Career development in a changing world
  4. Being enterprising

The content of the course is divided into six area:

  1. Learning to learn
  2. Work Skills
  3. Entrepreneurial behaviours
  4. Career development & management
  5. The nature of work
  6. Gaining & keeping work

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