The Arts – Visual, Photography, Performing



The Katanning Senior High School Visual Arts Program engages students from Year 7 through to Year 12. The program delivers skills that cover painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and printmaking.

The topics being taught include the artwork of Pablo Picasso and understanding the influence of Africa on Picasso’s work, drawing and painting skills needed to create images of animals on both paper and canvas, research various forms of street art across the world and work collaboratively to paint large scale murals. In senior school students will be looking at Visual Arts ideas, visual arts skills, techniques and processes, response to visual arts and visual arts in society.

Students are also able to complete a certificate II in the Arts where they explore the skills in the arts through units of competencies that include painting and drawing skills.

The arts department participates in a number of community events including the Katanning Agriculture Show, Harmony Festival and school exhibition at the Katanning Art gallery every second year.



The performing arts are being delivered to Year 7 and 8 as part of the school curriculum. Within this students will develop and understanding of the different elements that make up the performing arts. That includes script writing, set design, costume design, lighting, sound effects and performance techniques. Students will also learn how to reflect on a performance pieces and analyse the process used to create the production.

The program will include the making processes such as Voice and movement, Drama processes and the elements of drama, Approaches to characterisation, Script interpretation,

Extended improvisation, Drama structures, Drama conventions, Improvisation conventions, Stage geography, Effective group work processes, Mime techniques, Imaginary spaces shaped by stage components and properties. The students will use the skills being taught to create a production piece that they will present in a performance, which could include film, puppetry or live productions.



The photography program is delivered to Year 9 and 10 where students develop skills in using camera angle, photo collages, photo shop, lighting, composition, media codes and conventions, monochrome techniques, use of black and white photography and using pictorial dialogues.

Through these acquired skills students will create posters, mood photos, pictorial portfolio’s, photographic collages, face swap images, and comic strips.