Aboriginal Education Team

The Aboriginal Education Team (AET) consists of five parties (detailed below) working collaboratively to provide pastoral care and educational programs to suite the students’ needs. Together these programs exist to improve the social, emotional and educational outcomes for Indigienous students, progressing the Closing the Gap target for education.


The role of the Aboriginal and Islaner Education Officer (AIEO) is to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. This may include suppporting students in the areas of academic acheivement, participation, attendance, career pathways and parent/guardian visits. This staff member liases between the teaching staff and familues and works to resolve areas of concerne and provide culturally appropriate support.


ASSP plays a major role in the Aboriginal Education Team as the link between the pastoral care programs and education. It is open to all Indigenous students but has an emphasis on students who are returning to or struggling to adjust to mainstream schooling. ASSP has a three pillar approach to student support; delivering explicit literacy and numeracy sessions, assisting students in completing their classwork and providing in class support to students and teachers. ASSP is partnered with Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success and supports students to move into the program.


The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young aboriginal men and by doing so, equip them to participate more meaningfully in society.

The Katanning Clontarf Academy commenced their partnership with the school in August 2011. Any indigenous boy enrolled at the school is eligible to join the Academy.

The Academy focuses on six pillars of achievement – Education, Sport, Leadership, Wellbeing, Employment and Community. Full time Clontarf staff mentor, coach, support and motivate academy students to improve attendance, retention, Year 12 graduation/completion and employment outcomes.

A number of activities are conducted within and outside of school to engage the students including various sports, excursions, camps and volunteering.


The Deadly Sista Girlz program, provided by the Wirrpanda Foundation, exists to improve the life outcomes of Aboriginal girls by promoting strong role models and healthy life choices. It aims empower young women by offering a safe, stable and trusting environment in which they can discuss current and personal issues and receive guidance from positive Aboriginal female role models. Each girl has the opportunity to be personally mentored throughout the program, which addresses issues of self-esteem, healthy relationships, sexual and women’s health, drug and alcohol abuse, healthy lifestyles and future directions and opportunities. All Indigenous girls enrolled at the school are eligible for the program.


Katanning Senior High School is able to offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students the opportunity to participate in the Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success program (FTD).

The program offers various methods of educational support to students aspiring to move on to full time employment, traineeships or apprenticeships, TAFE and/or University after their time at High School. The program runs a learning centre four nights a week from 3.25pm to 5.30pm where participants can receive tuition, career counselling, pastoral care and establish strong study habits.

Participation in the program gives students the opportunity to visit Universities and Institutes of Technology and attended career expos and cultural activities. These activities are designed to familiarise students with post schooling options, meet with other likeminded students and to build their knowledge of the range of opportunities that higher education can provide.

The Follow the Dream Coordinator, Mrs Caitlyn Fitzgerald may be contacted for further information.