Chaplaincy Update

March 27, 2015

We would like to introduce ourselves and let everyone know about Chaplaincy, as part of the Student Services Team at Katanning Senior High School.

Jono Prosser and Vicki Webb are YouthCARE Chaplains and are accountable to their employer, YouthCARE, and to the school.  Jono is at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Vicki is here Mondays and Fridays.

Jono lives in Katanning with his wife Jocelyn (who is also a Chaplain) and their two daughters.  Vicki lives on a farm near Kojonup with her husband Bill, who is a psychologist.

We each bring different skills to the role.  Jono has qualifications in Science and Theology and is currently studying Mental Health/Counselling.  Vicki has Teaching and Career Counselling qualifications.  Together we provide Pastoral Care for the whole school community – which includes students, parents and staff.

Our role involves:

¨ Coming alongside students, informally and non-intrusively, so they can develop trust and confidence in knowing there is someone independent to talk to.

¨ Listening to students, parents or staff in times of need and maintaining confidentiality as required in pastoral care situations.

¨ Helping students to develop resilience to work through challenges.

¨ Being available to help the Student Services Team when things get tough and mediation and conflict resolution is appropriate.

¨ Linking students with other Student Services members such as Billie (School Psychologist) or Marrisa (AIEO) when necessary.

Our involvement may be before or after school, during classroom visits, at recess or lunch time or by appointment in a one to one situation.

If you are concerned about any student, please contact either of us through the front office or via email to discuss the most appropriate way forward.

Vicki and Jono—YouthCare Chaplains