Learning Communities

Learning Communities

In 2016 staff at Katanning Senior High School are involved in one of five Learning Communities: Teaching, Learning Environment, Relationships, Leadership or Resources. The plans for these Learning Communities were written in 2015 as part of the Prescribed Improvement Strategy process and are in a continual process of implementation and review. These documents underpin the School Plan and are driving positive action within the school. Some actions are supported by multiple Learning Communities and staff roles within the school; however, the following gives an outline of the focus of each group.

The Teaching Learning Community aims to raise the standard of literacy and numeracy of our students, increase the use of instructional strategies within classrooms and help students to succeed in their desired pathway.

The Learning Environment Learning Community is striving to improve the clarity, consistency and coherence of the management of students at academic, behavioural and/or social and emotional risk.

The Relationships Learning Environment is seeking to strengthen the relationships between the school and our community through enhanced engagement, communication and interactions.

The Leadership Learning Community is working to ensure there is authentic collaboration and open communication between leaders and staff as well as reviewing and updating school policy and procedures.

The Resources Learning Environment has developed a Workforce Plan with strategies to maximise the value of, and support for, existing and new leadership roles. They are also investigating how to best utilise our human, physical and financial resources.

These five Learning Communities are working together to seek positive outcomes for our students, staff and wider community.